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AdWords & PPC Marketing

Bulldog Marketing offers high ranking, SEO-compatible landing pages for each ad and each browser size. You should have different ads for different screen sizes. These different ads may require different landing pages. Our in-house online ads team is ready to develop lean strategies that will get your brand noticed and your online ads clicked.
  • Professional online ads copywriters create hard hitting, click-worthy ads that lead those who click to stunning laning pages.
  • Landing pages are extensions of your ads. Our ad writers and our graphic designers work together to create landing pages that convert browsers into buyers.
Video Advertising
YouTube ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads and FaceBook ads all benefit from awesome videos. In fact, over 93% of content that is converted to video receieves over 25% higher traffic.
Landing Pages
Landing pages help turn browsers into buyers. When someone clicks on your ad- you can't lead them to your homepage. Leading users to a tailored landing page results in an 88% higher opt in rate.
Social Advertising
Advertising on social media has never been easier. Bulldog Marketing is excited and eager to help your business grow its bottom line with creative, well written, descriptive ads.
Lead Generation
Want more leads? We specialize in spcial media ads that are created specifically to bring you qualified leads who are looking to buy.
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Our Customers Say

We weren't 100% certain on how we'd start off advertising on Google as a law firm but Vince and his team were with us, every step of the process. We were able to start getting leads in only a couple of hours after their campaigns launched!
Joshua Michaelson
Joshua Michaelson
Junior Partner
I help develop leaders from community civilians to Governors and Secretaries of State. I trust Bulldog Marketing big time when it comes to partnering with the unbiased ad management of my candidates.
Rick Thesby
Rick Thesby
Campaign Manager
Our school relies on Bulldog Marketing for gertting new students every year. Thanks, Bulldog! We love you.
Jennifer Dootson
Jennifer Dootson
Super Intendant