Local SEO

Local SEO is About Bringing Customers Through Your Doors

Google your favorite food. You’ll see restaurants nearby & maybe recipes appear in your search results. Search engine optimization is a series of consistent procedures and practices that make your company show up on the first page, as close to the 1st position as possible.

Why is SEO Important?

Do I Need SEO?

Any business that wants to be found on Google needs SEO. Right now, a tenth of all online searches are done with voice. “Hey Google, where’s the best place to get legal advice?” No matter what business you have, SEO makes your site a recommendation of Google Echo & Alexa.

Local SEO & Enterprise SEO

Local SEO helps brands build awareness and recognition in communities, cities, and regions around them. Enterprise local and Local SEO is suitable for medium to small sized companies that serve a certain area. National or Enterprise Local SEO is similar, however it’s for greater sized companies that have multiple branches and locations.

SEO 22%
Social Media 13%
Email Marketing 12%
Trade Shows 11%
PPC 9%
Telemarketing 8%
Direct Mail 7%


I've been selling aircraft maintenance services for over 25 years and I've never gotten as much business each month, CONSISTENTLY, as I do with Bulldog Marketing.
Francine Marcos
Francine Marcos
They're an extension of my IT team- in fact, they ARE my IT team. I rely on them- for literally everything marketing-wise. Love you, Bulldog!
Matt Hearsch
Matt Hearsch
Sales Manager
I didn't know anything about marketing. I learn so much every time I speak with Vince and the team. They really want me to understand what's going on with my account and that means a lot to me.
Pishka Tuftbaum
Pishka Tuftbaum


Elements of Our SEO Service

Here are some of the consistent features you'll have while you trust us with your SEO
Competitive Analysis
What if every time someone typed your competitors names into Google, your company name showed up?
AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
Show up at the top of Google with fast loading pages and rich, informational content. That's what Bulldog Marketing is for!
Content Creation
Stunning graphic design & talented videographers create professional images, videos, posts, and infographics for you to dominate your online presence!
Keyword Research
Show up at the top of Google whenever someone types, "Best firm to handle my home insurance case." How great would that be if you were an attorney? That's what we do.
Link Building
Through press releases & powerful distribution & writing, your company is featured in publications like Business Insider & FOX News.
On & Offsite Optimization
SEO procedures take place both in the backend of your website and on search engines. We submit your pages to Google and let Google know that you want to be #1!

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